Grant Eligibility

Charlotte is home to incredible generosity and many powerful grant programs. By necessity, many of them need to have a detailed application process and allow for large grants. At just $250, HUG Micro-grants are meant to be just what they say — helpful and unfettered gifts. They won’t fund large projects, but they may be just enough to get a modest initiative moving forward or to address a specific need of an existing creative endeavor. Afterwards, we want to know what you did with your grant, but there’s no oversight. Once you get it, it’s yours to use.

HUG Micro-Grants are open to:

  • Any Charlotte-based creative projects — non-profit or for-profit.
    • For example, if an artist uses a HUG to buy canvases and then sells the paintings on the canvases … AWESOME.
    • Or, if a non-profit uses a HUG to boost Facebook posts and invite people to a free event … AWESOME.
  • Private citizens or organizations
    • That said, we’re looking to support efforts that push creativity forward so our community can see and experience them. We’d like your grant to be used in a community-facing way.
  • Ongoing projects or new initiatives.
  • Previously HUG-funded projects
    • While further funding is not assured, you are welcome to apply for a second HUG 12-months after your previous grant.

HUG Micro-Grants are NOT open to:

  • Creative endeavors that take place outside of Charlotte.
  • A third application. If your project is not funded the first time you apply, try again. if it’s passed over a second time, please apply a third time … but with something else.
  • Creative endeavors that exclude any segment of the Charlotte community. As we say at CreativeMornings, everyone is welcome. HUG projects need to follow suit. They need to be open and friendly to everyone.
  • Creative endeavors that promote a distinct political agenda. We don’t shy away from talking politics, but HUGs won’t be given to a project that is single-minded.
    • Example: Wanna’ talk voting? Cool. Wanna’ talk voting for one party or candidate over another? Nope.
  • Creative endeavors that promote a distinct religious agenda. See above. We are cool with creative projects that explore religion, but not religious propaganda that is exclusive to other religious.

Now that you’ve read this, you’re ready to apply for a HUG. Click the button below!

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